Testing Procedure

The procedure for testing cannabis flowers, concentrates and other products for THC and CBD is quite simple. Contact a representative using the contact form, email or LINE application found in the contact section here.

image of marijuana flower and BHO Shatter, author unkown.

Select an Ideal Sample

Select an appropriate sample to be tested. Individual sameples can be taken from various test sites or plant and either tested individually or blended to be tested together and acquire an average. For more details contact a representative, they will be happy to guide you in achieving the most effective results.

Ship the Sample

Send your sample to our lab using a courier or postal outlet that is convenient for you. For fastest results send the package express.


Once we recieve your sample you will be notified and your sample will be tested.

Collect Results

You will be notified the test has been completed and you will recieve a digital copy of the test certificate by email. If you would like a printed copy one can be sent by post at your request.

Get Started